yFract is a software for creating puristic fractal art.

Here are some images I made with it:

Check out my Gallery for more sample images in higher resolutions.

You can also create Videos and GIF-Animations with it

Key features:
  • It is rich in functionality, stable and free for non-commercial use
  • No math knowledge is needed. In yFract you create art by “tuning in with control dials”. You can press or hold a "modifier key" and watch how the fractal changes into another shape smoothly (WYSIWYG).
  • You can create your personal high quality wallpapers very quickly. The Wallpapers are set and archived in a folder automatically with one keystroke.
  • You can create nice HD videos and GIF-Animations only in a few steps. yFract supports 6 common video formats.
  • You can make your own prints (for framed printouts, posters, calendars, t-shirts etc) with it quickly. It supports huge image resolutions up to 268 megapixels!
  • yFract supports fullscreen mode with OpenGL hardware acceleration and multithreading. It’s more like an artistic "game" than an application. Dive in and explore.
  • Lovely self-made text mode engine with minimalistic user interface. There are many of options for customizing the Text Mode for all nostalgic nerds out there
  • More than 1600 well-sorted palettes to color the fractals with. You don’t need to create your own palettes.
  • yFract has a a “Palette Room” where you can select and compare palettes easily. You can watch how your fractal art will look like when it is printed out and framed, hanging at your personal wall! You can add your own wall images easily by adding an image file to a folder.
  • You can combine the current fractal with your personal "overlay image". This image not just overdraws the Fractal, it is "injected" in the Fractal formula in a secret way. Most simple images produce best results! You can use this technique to create nice looking, unique logos and art.
  • Psychedelic real-time color cycling in various speeds, inverting of colors and changing of cycle direction. Display it on a beamer and you don’t need drugs anymore.
  • yFract has a Realtime 3D Terrain Mode. Explore interesting terrains and shapes made out of any fractal or image. Create high resolution Heightmap-Files that can be imported into professional 3D Applications.
  • Full keyboard support and additional mouse support for better usability
  • It comes with a easy to use Installer/Uninstaller.
OK, enough advertisement :). Take a look how it looks in action (earlier version):

Application State

I am developing yFract since 2010 in spare time as a hobby project. More than 60 thousands lines of code were written. It should be stable and fully functional :)

System requirements
  • Windows operating system (Win 2000 - Windows 7 tested). Windows XP or higher recommended
  • Modern CPU and graphics card are recommended
  • To create high quality prints or videos you need some memory. Minimum 4GB recommended.
  • Aprox. 60 MB free disk space required

Installing yFract

  • Download the latest Installer of yFract by clicking the following link:
  • After the download is complete, start the Installer by double-clicking on the file. The Installer appears and will lead you through the installation process.
  • During the Installation a folder named “yFract” is created in your Start Menu and on your Desktop. The folder contains the following shortcuts:
  • Double-Click on “yFract” to start the main application. The other shortcuts are explained later in the manual.

Read on. This application is rich in functionality and therefore you must learn all of its functions to use it efficiently. Click on this link to get to the manual page


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Commercial Use

yFract is free for non-commercial use only. Please contact the author if you want to get a commercial license.

Copyright (c) 2010-2015 Dawid Zittrich