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« on: Tuesday 23.11.2010 22:59 »

yFract is an interactive Fractal exploring tool that was written by me in two years of spare time. My primary aim was to build a simple tool that produces random fractal wallpapers. Quickly my interest on fractals grew and i added more and more functionality into it. Later I had the idea to create a minimalistic and unique tool to generate artistic wallpapers, prints and videos. The user should not need any math knowledge and the Fractal that is drawn had to be rendered in realtime so everyone could modify it easily and see how it changes from one to another shape smoothly.

Visit my homepage at http://yv3.bplaced.net for a more detailed information on yFract.

Latest Installer: http://yv3.bplaced.net/files/yFract.exe

Please share your suggetions, opinions and artistic works in this forum!
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