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Hamster Cage
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  Hamster Cage
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« on: Monday 07.09.2009 20:52 »

We wanted to buy a hamster. I wasn't satisfied with the cages available in the local stores, either the cages were cheap, small and metallic/plastic or nice made of wood and glass but too expensive for my needs.
I decided to build a hamster cage by myself. I looked around through the web for designs, at the end i began from scratch with creating the 3D-Model of the cage in Google SketchUp:

This is a wireframe view where you can take measurements for the final cutting of the wood.

This is the final 3D Model. You can download it Here.

Then the hard work began, it took me almost three weeks to finish the work. Mostly i worked after the office job, it was annoying to prepare and tidy up all the tools over and over again. The hardest part was to make the cage waterproof and scratch-resistant, i needed to cut and apply many of aluminium and plastic strips, they had to be attached exact so the acrylic glass could slide along.

This is the final (blank) cage:

You can open the cage and pull the glass out to tidy up.

There is also a hole in the middle part of the cage where the hamster can go into the drawer. The Hamster hides in the drawer and builds tunnels inside it. The inside of the drawer is protected by a PVC sheet sewed by mother into a rectangular form.

We get the hamster at Sunday from a girlfriend, it is an Russian Dwarf Hamster. For now it is very intresting to observate him, but most of the time he hides himself in the driver, i think he needs time to acclimatize...
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