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Slingshot prototype finished
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  Slingshot prototype finished
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« on: Wednesday 29.09.2010 19:25 »

I was inspired by the "Slingshot Channel" by Jörg Sprave. He build many cool (strong) slingshots and documented a lots of stuff. I have also studied his Blog and got appetite on building a slingshot on my own. His videos returned me to mind what a big fun i had with slingshots when i was a young kid. My Father made me the first slingshot, it was made out of a small branch with rubber from bicycle tire. It shot very good and it was very funny and relaxing, as far as i remember it. I shot almost on anything, mostly when i was on vacation at my grandma's farm in poland. It was a wonderful time.

I have finished my first prototype of a wooden slingshot:

I only have a few tools so it looks simple. The grip isn't satisfying yet, it must be polished more so it fits better.

I used the "clamp on"-method to fix the rubbers. Rubbers are Thera Band Gold, one of the best and strongest on the market.

The pouch is made out of leather. Thx to my mom.

These are 8mm (2,15g) steel balls to train aim and more precise shots.

These are 14mm (11.3g) steel balls for the funny stuff :)

At home, i shot at a TV magazine from aprox.3 meters distance. This is the result:

It looks promising, now i have to shoot outside with it.

I just aim without fixing any point and shoot when i feel that im ready. This brings the best results, believe me. It is often more effective to let the decision done by the unconscious part of your brain. And it lets you calm down.

More to come in this section.

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