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« on: Monday 24.08.2009 21:38 »

     ySoldatCenter [under construction]

Month ago i started to write a map manager for the game Soldat. Soldat is awesome but after a while of playing you get tons of maps, most of them are crap, some of them are intersting to run a server with them. But you forget the names of the best maps so you have no advantage of having much maps.
My tool works only with text and jpeg-files. You can assign the maps to categories with drag and drop, start a server with the desired maps with a single click.
The development frozen, i dont wanted to render the maps by myself, i had to create a screenshots of each map to display it in the program. That's not satisfying. Im waiting for someone that develops a command tool that renders map files into image files (There are implementations ready but only as html or non-C++-code). I could integrate such a tool into ySoldatCenter so everything would be automatic.
If you can provide me such tool, i will finish this project soon.


The GUI is fullscreen and dynamic and styled in Soldat colors.


This software is not complete, it is limited and little buggy. But you can try it out if you like: http://yv3.bplaced.net/files/ySoldatCenter.exe

Have fun and post your opinions and suggestionsin the forum
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