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Years ago i wrote an SQL query tool to speed up my work at my job. As a programmer i often have to read from or write to an databases like Oracle, MS Access, MS SQL Server or MySQL. I also often have to create reports for the managment from SQL queries. Now i use the tool for 6 years, its the most used tool after MS Visual Studio at my work.


- Standard Database access via ODBC-Driver architecture
- Very quick for quering single line SQL Statements
- Built in multi-line SQL statement editor with keyword highlighting
- Logs automatically all statements except SELECT into a file
- You can copy/sort/print quickly and easily
- Full keyboard support
- If you forget to COMMIT or ROLLBACK, the tool reminds you to take decision
- Command line parameters for opening and quering databases with a single link
- Like in all of my apps the design is uniqe, love it or hate it. Check out the application icon when a query is running :)


This is the main screen where you can query and manage your database

This is the SQL statement editor mode where you can prepare, design, save and load your SQL statement before running. Use Alt-Down or Alt-Up to copy the statemnt between the command line and the editor.

These is the command line parameter help. You dont have to specify parameters at startup. If you just start the application you can choose the database you want to open.


Here is the Setup: http://yv3.bplaced.net/files/yDB.exe

There is no detailed documentation, just hover above the buttons to get a description or the belonging keyboard shortcut...

Have fun and post your opinions/suggestions/bugs in the forum

UPDATE 07.06.2010: Updated install package to newest version. Small improvements in functionality and user interface.
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@@@@ i like it @@@@

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