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In the year 2004 i started to develop my own image managing application. I tried many commercial products like ACDSee and Picasa before. They are not bad, but they are overloaded and there were some functions i missed. Now its 2009 and i still use this program. Is the best software i made for myself until now. Its stable, fast and effective for me. In the meanwhile i have nearly 12 thousand photos/images assigned to 190 categories (most of them are not "real" categories (i have only 13 of them), they are series to bind photos together). If you are intrested, read on.


- Unique and minmal design, the aim is to concentrate on the images
- Dynamic fullscreen user interface with help system
- All new images are moved in a SINGLE folder, no need to think about folder or file names
- All images are stored in a single folder with a uniqe ID. There is a fast consitency check at each startup.
- All other information (Thumbnails, image properties, categories, assignments) are stored in a local MS Access database for fast display and usability
- Easy export/copy of local images to external folders
- In-build function to send good looking e-mails with the desired images. Limitation: I works only with MS Outlook or MS Outlook Express
- Each category has a hiding level from 0-9. If you dont specify the password at application startup, the user only see hiding level 0 categories and can't change/add/delete anything
- The application is stable, i use it some years without any problems. In case of a crash the index of the database can get rarely get damaged (this happened once to my wife). In that case you can easily repair the database with a build-in function in the options window (Alt-P).


- The application is not suited for computer newbies. The user interface is minmal so you have to know the function of each button. Many functions can only be accessed via keyboard (Press F1 while you are in thumbnail or fullscreen mode).
- There is no build in image editing logic, an extern application is supposed to be defined in the options of yAlbum. This application must accept opening images as an additional parameter. Otherwise you have to re-import each image after change as an quite fast workaround. The wise man moves the images from a camera to the "New_Images" folder, then optimize them with an external application (Photoshop for instance), and then starts yAlbum to import them.
- You can only send E-Mail's with MS Outlook or MS Outlook Express. You can also work with two Mail applications, in that case Outlook has to be defined as standard application for opening mails.
- You can't watch videos with it


This is how a photo album have to look like! You can also hide the category bar on the left side with the Tab-Key so you only see the photos. The categories with an "+" have no special logic, i made an exception that make all "+" cagories colored blue so i can differ between photos and computer generated stuff. There is also an exeption for categories with "_" in the category name. They are colored green and i use it to mark series of photos. Many of my categories are hidden on this screenshot. There is a small right managment in the software that hides images and functions when a given password is not stated.

These are the commands in thumbnail mode

These are the commands in fullscreen mode


These are two tabs of the Setup window.


Here is the whole description: http://yv3.bplaced.net/forum/Misc/yAlbum.txt

Here is the setup: http://yv3.bplaced.net/files/yAlbum.exe

If you get the error message "CDaoException" after start, you need to install the DAO-Drivers first:


You first have to download BOTH files, and then start the exe-file to install the driver...

Have fun and post you opinions or suggestions in the forum.

I spent many hours on this Software. If you like it and use it for a long time, please make a donation.
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