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(http://yv3.bplaced.net/forum/Misc/yXMAS.gif)      yXMAS_2009 - A Christmas Screensaver

I decided to write a screensaver for the company i work for. This is the third version since year 2007. I spent many hours modifying the last version. A friend helped me with the image files. I motivated myself by using the SDL Library (http://www.libsdl.org/) that speeded up the rendering time dramatically.

I think its now one of the best free 2D christmas screensaver you can find in the web :).


- No annoying ads or other bullshit like in other freeware screensavers
- Based on SDL, hardware accelerated, on my Athlon 64 X2 5000+ the screensaver uses only about 17% of CPU time.
- Simulation of 8096 uniqe flakes
- 16 Collision layers for lovely flake simulation and collision
- Wind simulation
- Dynamic rendering in desktop resolution
- Santa claus direction/position/size/amplitude/frequency/delay and speed is random
- Glowing star position and delay is random
- You can easily make your own screensaver by replacing the image and collision files in the folder C:\WINDOWS\zXMAS_2009



Here is the Setup: http://yv3.bplaced.net/files/yXMAS_2009.exe (http://yv3.bplaced.net/cnt/getfile.php?id=5)

After the files are installed go to your desktop properties by right-clicking on your desktop and choosing "Properties". Then select "yXMAS_2009" as your current screensaver.

(http://yv3.bplaced.net/forum/Misc/yXMAS.gif)    Have fun and have a merry christmas!!    (http://yv3.bplaced.net/forum/Misc/yXMAS.gif)