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Title: Self Made LED Lights for Freeline Skates
Post by: yv3 on Saturday 07.12.2013 10:51
Freeline Skating (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freeline_skates) is my new passion! I'm currently addicted to this sport. Im trying to drive as much as i can, learn tricks with my friends. Its so much fun and its the perfect compensation to my office job.
Now Winter is coming and its getting darker and darker every day. So i decided to make my own cool LED Lights for the Skates. Here is a list of the parts that you need (parts for ONE skate):

- Aluminium bar as base (2 mm  x 3cm  x 10cm)
- 2 x 23A Type 12 Volt Battery
- 2 x Battery holder for Micro-Batteries (AAA)
- Small Switch
- 4 LED's: Red, Green, Blue and Yellow: (2.1V, 3.2 V, 3.2V, 2.2 V)
- 698 Ohm resistor (to reduce the tension of the two batteries (24V) to aprox. 10 Volt)
- Small Adhesive Felt
- Piece of 0.1 mm≥-Cable
- Black Isolation Tape and Silver Armor Tape
- Piece of cardboard (for the case)

- Hot-melt gun (to fix the parts on the aluminium bar)
- Small pliers (to remove the isolation from the cables)
- Soldering gun (to connect the electronic parts)
- Optional: Voltmeter (to check how the switch works)

First i draw the circuit:


Then i painted each kathode of the LED's red (the shorter PIN, Minus) so i don't get confused later when ill cut the pins to the same length. The power flows only in one direction through LEDs! You can destroy them if you swap the polarisation!

Then i glued all parts to the aluminium bar with the hot-melt gun:


Then i connected each part with the wire. When i inserted the batteries the lights began to glow! I was happy like a kid! It was a long time ago i made a circuit...



I fixed and isolated the construction with tape:


I called the lights "Turrican 24" because the colorful light reminds me of the weapons in the amiga game. 24 stands for 24 Volt.
If you want to change the batteries later, you have to cut a rectangle in the tape at the top and then close it again.

Then i applied some small felt parts for damping hits and to make the light stuck more stable inside the skate. Then i build two small chocks for each skate. The chocks are pushed from the outside under the aluminium plate so the light is pinned inside the skate.



This is how it looks like in action:




Finally i made a little case out of cardboard paper to protect the LED's when they are not attached to the skates:



Title: Re: Self Made LED Lights for Freeline Skates
Post by: aziwa on Sunday 03.05.2015 10:07
Hi there yv3 :),

I just registered to let you know that you were my inspiration with this post to make my very own set of freeline LED lights :).

I just finished them yesterday evening and they look SUPER AWESOME.

I could not have done it without you. Thank you so much for posting this online.


Have a nice day and keep going :).


Title: Re: Self Made LED Lights for Freeline Skates
Post by: yv3 on Monday 11.05.2015 21:18
Hey Aziwa,
i'm happy that i could inspire you with my construction.
Your lights look very cool! Maybe you can post some photos of your light mdoules that would be intresting. Did you also used 12 volt batteries?
Greetings yv3

Title: Re: Self Made LED Lights for Freeline Skates
Post by: BaldWatson on Monday 09.05.2016 19:33
Hi everyone..i am new to this forum. I have seen your work and found it very interesting. Really you made it cool.
I also want to build something like this.
Also thanks for sharing the all details and the required hardware.

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