I've build my own Neuronal Network simulator. Not the fastest, but much more user friendly than other tools :)


Self Made Retro Game Console


I've build my own Retro Gaming Console with Internet Radio! Check out my Post in the Forum for a detailed description with images and videos.




I've build my own Crypotocoin trading application.


Boba Fett Costume


I've build a Boba Fett costume for my son's carnival party. Most of the parts are made out of old cardboards painted with wall paint.


Illuminating Freeline Skates


Now Freeline Skating is my new Passion. Winter is coming, its getting darker...I made my own lights! Check out >>

yAmiga released


A dream came finally true! I made my own Amiga game database application. Now i can easily manage, discover and play my favourite games - with a single click. This is probably one of the best WinUAE-Frontend currently available. Send me a personal messsage if you are interested. View Manual (currently german language only) >>

yFract released


I haven't developed yFract a while, finally i feel happy with it :). It was a long journey of exploration, optimization and expression. I wrote more than 60 thousands lines of code, i can't believe it. View Details >>

yKidMath released


A math game that I wrote for my son. German language only. View Details >>

yXMAS released

A customizable Christmas screensaver with lovely simulated flakes. View Details >>

Super Silent HDD

This article describes how you make your Hard drive silent with pants :). View Details >>

Hamster Cage


A self made Hamster Cage that I designed in Google Sketchup . View Details >>

ySoldatStat released


A unique statistics tool for the game Soldat. View Details >>

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