Turrican 24"


Now Freeline Skating is my new Passion. Winter is coming, its getting darker...I made my own lights! Check out >>

yAmiga released


I dream came finally true! I made my own Amiga game database application. Now i can easily manage, discover and play my favourite games - with a single click. This is probably one of the best WinUAE-Frontend currently available. Send me a personal messsage if you are interested. View Manual (currently german language only) >>

yFract released


I haven't developed yFract a while, finally i feel happy with it :). It was a long journey of exploration, optimization and expression. I wrote more than 60 thousands lines of code, i can't believe it. View Details >>

yKidMath released


A math game that I wrote for my son. German language only. View Details >>

yXMAS released

A customizable Christmas screensaver with lovely simulated flakes. View Details >>

Super Silent HDD

This article describes how you make your Hard drive silent :). View Details >>

Hamster Cage


A Hamster Cage that I designed with Google Sketchup and then build with my hands. View Details >>

ySoldatStat released


A unique statistics tool for the game Soldat. View Details >>

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